Personal Gardening Assistant and Toolkit for Social and Collaborative Age-friendly Environments

Project Description


Personal Gardening Assistant and Toolkit for Social and Collaborative Age-friendly Environments




ShareMyGarden aims to help people stay active and healthy as they age through an ICT platform of collaborative gardening.




cca. 36 months


University of Kaposvár
ISOIN – Ingenieria y Soluciones Informaticas (project coordinator)
GeoImaging Ltd.
Discovery R&D Center
AGROLOGY Agricultural Consulting Services S.L
Kaposvár University Hungary
The National Foundation for the Elderly (NFE)
Seniornett Norge (SNET)

Project Summary

ShareMyGarden is an ICT platform that promotes a horticultural therapy, helping elder people to actively participate in society and interact with individuals in everyday life. It is underpinned by six social-technology pillars, namely:

  • a Personal Gardening Assistant (PGA) that will facilitate the interaction of elderly with the age-friendly platform to help them to stay active and have control of their environment, feel useful for the society and improve the functionalities of the garden;
  • an Unique Friendly Environment (UFE) that allows elderly to stay connected to services and interact with open network of semantic devices and sensors making use of real time user interface adaptation with environment awareness;
  • Social and Collaborative Environment (SCE) that builds user profile, specific forum, market place and history of the plant will be constructed where each of the elderly persons will have ability to communicate between them and to participate in the construct of social awareness;
  • Age-adapted Services framework (SCE application services) that supports rapid, effortless application development through service composition where different services can be added and/or deleted whenever and wherever they become available or are needed;
  • a set of tools that supports stakeholders that allows service developers to simulate service behaviours in early stage of development tailoring interfaces in changing environments quicker and at low cost;
  • Sensors interaction where the connection of the different devices will be established according to the user’s preferences and needs for the each plant.

ShareMyGarden will not simply re-assemble the existing technologies, it will develop new tools for next-generation applications trying to potentiate the social involvement in active ageing and bring the better worth of everyday life.

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