Project Description






The aim of the current project is to develop synergies and increasing cooperation between research, the public and private sectors to stimulate agricultural innovation in the Visegrad countries enhanced innovation capacity and deepened collaboration.


Visegrad Countries


cca. 5 months


Discovery R&D Center (consortium leader)
Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary
Research Institute of Agricultural Economics
National Agricultural and Food Centre
University of South Bohemia
Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – National Research Institute

Project Summary

In every industry innovation is the driving force of economic growth and development, and agriculture /agribusiness is certainly no exception. There is a big gap between research institutes and the potential end-users (e.g. farmers, food industry) of research results. We believe that in order to achieve further progress in sustainable growth of the bioeconomy we have to shift the emphasis to research, innovation and transnational cooperation for knowledge-based development.

We are planning to organize a wokshop for researchers, policy makers and their stakeholders in the beginning of 2017. The workshop would be a catalyst which could help us create and strengthen a suitable network capable both of submitting proposals for future bigger scale projects enhancing innovation capacity and deepening collaboration and representing the V4’ interests in terms of agricultural research.

The roles of the project partners are to spread the information about the workshop in their own scientific network focusing on innovation opportunities in the bio-based economy issues to participate at the workshop.

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