Future Developers Internship Program 2018

Once more Discovery R&D Center has coordinated a three-month Internship Program from 1st of March 2018 to 31st of May 2018, hosting two undergraduate students from Greece, Asimina Skordaki and Athina Mironenko, after completing their five-year studies in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition of Agricultural University of Athens.

The objective of the internship was the development of certain skills such as project management, analytic thinking, conceptualizing, independent working, computer skills, presentation skills and time management. In order to achieve this goal, during the internship they handled certain tasks under the supervision of Pál Goda, PhD, who assessed their progress weekly. Through these individual assignments, they conducted gradual research on two selected topics of food science and agriculture, presenting their work and then focusing on innovations related to these issues. Eventually they were able to analyze two of these innovations and compare them with similar projects using a benchmarking method. The collected data was used in the preparation of two study reports which are finally ready to be published in our website.

A Skordaki – Weed control methods of organic agriculture

A Mironenko – Evaluation of edible biodegradable packaging products

Subsequently, after gaining valuable experience in report composing, they were involved in TraCoReF project of the International Visegrad Fund (IVF), participating in the preparation of its publication. TraCoReF project aims to promote future collaboration among Visegrad countries concerning traditional regional products that could be developed jointly and thus contribute to regional growth and tourism. Demonstrating examples and good practices from partner countries that have experience related to product development, protection of origin of the products and agritourism will bring knowledge, rise ideas and foster development of similar projects in the region.