Capacity building in agricultural innovation services in CEE countries

Project Description


Capacity building in agricultural innovation services in CEE countries




The main goal of the project is to develop effective training materials and tools in order to boost the capacity building actions in the field of agricultural innovation services in the CEE countries.


CEE Countries


18 months


Discovery R&D Center
Felső-Homokhátság Local Action Group (LAG)
Szent István University
Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
Mendel University in Brno
Agricultural University in Krakow
Wageningen University
University of Huddersfield

Project Summary

In every industry innovation is the driving force of development and progress, and agriculture is certainly no exception. However innovation and innovative results do not always reach the end users who could benefit from them, there is a big gap between research institutes and the potential end users of research results. For this reason agricultural innovation services appeared on the market with the aim of providing agricultural innovation advices and the EC’s Standing Committee on Agricultural Research introduced the concept of innovation broker, whose role would be to act as intermediary between the demand and supply of agricultural research and extension services.

As the field of agricultural innovation services and professionals (brokers) is a very new field the skillset and the competences of these professionals have not yet been clearly defined, training materials related to this topic have not yet been developed.

The project aims to clearly define the expectations of end users with regards to the agro innovation services and professionals, to develop and describe the optimum profile of these professionals and prepare training materials and tools to be used during the agro innovation vocational trainings.

Project funding 210,600.00 €

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