Workshop on transboundary collaboration on regional foods

The Two-day workshop took place in Kóspallag (Hungary) as part of the TraCoReF project (Transboundary Collaboration on Regional Foods in Visegrad Countries) by support of International Visegrad Fund. The aim of the project is to stimulate discussion between actors – linked to local values topics – from V4 countries to determine traditional cross-border products and their potential which may be used for local economic strategies.

The TaCoReF project for Visegrad countries was planned by six organizations:

  • Discovery R&D Center (lead)
  • Stowarzyszenie ARID
  • Börzsöny-Duna-Ipoly Rural Development Association
  • Dolnohron Development Partnership
  • Business & Professional Women CR
  • Centre for Environmental Education SEVER

During the workshop each partner introduced its region, their regional food products and the touristic potential of these products. Participants identified similarities and differences between these products, together with their strengths and weaknesses. Participants explored which local products could possibly enhance trans-border cooperation. International experts presented strategic solutions and good practices in the topic of development of local food and geographical identification, as well as product development itself. Participants discussed the possible ways of image building of local foods and its implementation in gastrotourism.

As final conclusion of the workshop, it is derivable that all the consortium members are engaged to long-term cooperation. There are 3 main lines of future cooperation: Training for increasing rural tourism possibilities; Common event organization to promote Visegrad countries values towards gastronomy; and Development of direct sale in the field of hygiene and organization.

For more information please visit the TraCoReF project website.