Transboundary Collaboration on Regional Foods in Visegrad Countries

Project Description


Transboundary Collaboration on Regional Foods in Visegrad Countries




1. Objective: Identification of the opportunities of local products’ development and recovering the path to obtain geographical identification with the help of external experts.

2. Objective: Identification of possible short-term and long-term collaborations in promotion of local food and regions that may be built in regional development.

3. Objective: Development of gastro-tourism by implementation and linkage of local products to gastronomy


Visegrad Countries


18. 09. 2017. – 01. 06. 2018.


Project Summary

Central European regions are rich in cultural heritage which make them recognisable by tourists but they have a largely untapped potential in the area of local economic development. Thus increasing local sales of regional products and their connection with tourism and gastronomic sector is a first step in regional development. In cross-border regions of Visegrad countries the cultural heritages are often merged hence it is essential to strengthen their collaboration and to recognize common roots. It is also a regional phenomenon that new national hygienic and market laws simplify the function of short food supply chains. The common challenge is to integrate local foods and alternative food chains in the development of local economy.

This project aims to stimulate discussion between actors from V4 countries to determine traditional local products and their potential in regional development in neighboring territories. The first goal is to enhance cross-border intercultural dialog through Western European examples. Second goal is to recognize the potential of their local products in agrotourism, and local economic development. Finally the project intends to create a new collaboration platform among actors from different regions within V4 countries in order to encourage further common initiatives in the fields of local production and cultural diversity.

Budget: 6,000.00 €

IVF contribution: 5,997.00 €

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Co-funded by visegrad_fund

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