Perfecting methods to train Catalysts

On 23 October, teachers and trainers gathered together for a clear reason: to perfect the agricultural innovation broker training methodology of the CATAlySt consortia.

Twenty well-prepared education expert was invited from the Czech Republic, Poland Slovakia and Hungary by Discovery R&D Center for a one-week methodology testing and evaluation workshop.

Each attending partner institution held a session where the other four partners participated and tested the presented exercises and lectures. After each session the experts evaluated the given methodology and made recommendations for perfecting it. Beyond training development, the worksop aimed to help lecturers and trainers to learn new techniques and exercises from each other by performing a multilateral short-term staff exchange.

Capacity building in agricultural innovation services in CEE countries (CATAlySt) project aims to support agricultural innovation within the CEE region by identifying the necessary skillset and knowledge for practicing agricultural innovation professionals and providing them with a well elaborated training program based on Dutch and British examples.

The video  and photos made on the event will be available soon on the project website!     

For more information please visit the CATAlySt project website.