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We are looking for project partners for a HORIZON 2020 proposal

We are looking for partners to submit a proposal to the ICT-01-2016 Smart Cyber-Physical Systems call for proposals.

Discovery R&D Center has initiated the formulation of a project concept within the GOP-3.3.4-15-2015-0162 project funded by the Széchenyi 2020 programme.

Our R&D Centre is currently seeking partners in order to implement a Horizon 2020 research project that aims to design and implement a clinical decision support system that addresses the cardiovascular diagnosis and care processes. The developed cardiovascular therapeutic model will be supported by adaptive and workflow based processes that are modelled and developed based on existing and measured data.

The challenge is to handle dynamic variables, adaptability, data collection and integration. The processes will follow the clinical pathways; will define intervention points and possible intervention actions.

The project will use big data methods and process mining techniques in order to create the algorithm and the model that effectively connects the different parameters and provides proper outcomes.

According to the case statistics of different health institutions the 20 most frequent therapeutic treatment processes will be mapped. The project will improve Smart Cyber-Physical Systems’ methods and tools that are targeting decision support systems in the healthcare sector and will provide a common innovative electronic interface that will contribute to the interoperability of different health related systems in the European Union.

If you are interested in joining the partnership please contact us.

Looking forward to collaborate with you!

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