First transnational project meeting of CATAlySt in Brno

Between 19 and 21 June, the CATAlySt consortium held their first transnational project meeting in Brno. The host, Vojtech Tamas from Mendel University in Brno opened the event where partners from 5 countries were present.

First, partners showed their progress in the project, followed by a small workshop and tool demonstration by Wageningen Research represented by Daniel de Jong. At the end of the event the project roadmap was updated and administrative tasks were taken care of.

Capacity building in agricultural innovation services in CEE countries (CATAlySt) project aims to support agricultural innovation within the CEE region by identifying the necessary skillset and knowledge for practicing agricultural innovation professionals and providing them with a well elaborated training program based on Dutch and British examples.

For more information please visit the CATAlySt project website.