FAO expert consultation on knowledge sharing for agricultural innovations

As DRDC we are highly privileged and honoured announce that a great milestone was achieved this week when we strengthened our ties with the FAO. DRDC took a central stage when by facilitating FAO workshop on Regional expert consultation on the theme of Knowledge sharing for agricultural innovations applicable for smallholders and family farms in Europe and Central Asia which took Place from 10th -13th September at Szent Istvan University Gödöllő. DRDC responded to the courtesy call of FAO and contributed immensely to ensure the expected outcome of the conference was achieved. The Head of Research Dr. Goda Pal moved the crowd by introducing the concept of social innovation and the imperative role it has played towards the improvement of livelihood in developed economies where smallholder farmers needs have been centre of attention.

The imperative goal of DRDC was in a broad sense bring to the attention of FAO experts the dynamic nature of Agricultural innovation system (AIS) which experts for a long time have addressed based on the technical and institutional aspect. All innovations need to be problem driven and result oriented in the long term with due consideration to social impacts. Any innovation must address the social problems of the smallholder farmers and individual families to ensure the achievement of the SDGs and even smoothen the transition process towards e-agriculture. He introduced to the experts the need for multi-actor approach and strong need for situational analysis to diagnose the social challenges behind innovation. He further elaborated how the increased social problems of smallholder farmers cannot be solved in a wink of a day and in the long-term, there is need to pay more attention in promoting inclusivity and placing the farmers social problems at the focal point.

Strengthening the collaboration and willingness more to solve the social challenges which in most scenarios tends to be neglected with policymakers, innovators and promoters prioritizing the economic benefits. To ensure research and development based on farmers day by day needs, DRDC and FAO in the future will work in collaboration to ensure the e-Agriculture strategy for small-scale farmers and family farms transform to the digital Agriculture without compromising the sustainability aspect.

For more information about the event visit the FAO website.