Second case study competition at Discovery R&D Center

This is the second year for Discovery R&D Center to hold a case study competition for the international master students of Szent Istvan University in the topic of rural business development.

On 10th April, 16 rural development and agribusiness master students competed against each other in four groups at Discovery R&D Center, after 3 months of preparation under the supervision of Pal Goda, PhD who checked their progress weekly on his Regional Economic Development Course. On the competition day, all teams had the opportunity to express their target area, the selected grant call and their project concept in details.

Topics were:

  • Rural Development Project in Nigeria focusing on improving cassava production and its value chain
  • Empower women in Gambia through improving their economic status
  • Introduction of integrated crop-livestock farming system in Mbale, Uganda
  • Introduction of biogas station on farms in South Backa region with promotion of circular economy in agriculture

After assessing the performance of the participants, the best performers will be chosen to take part in one-month Future Developers Internship Program of Discovery R&D Center.