Our organization

Discovery R&D Center was founded by market minded and motivated researchers in 2012 with a common goal to establish a progressive knowledge center which stimulates agricultural innovation in the CEE region. With the help of its international partner network, our research center was a pioneer in establishing the foundations and harmonizing the agricultural innovation broker education in Europe. This initiative is supported by both the European Union and the Visegrad Countries.

Discovery R&D Center puts great emphasis on supporting young researchers. Solutions that answer the needs of farmers are constantly being sought by our researchers. Several educational and knowledge-transfer methods has been developed in the field of agricultural innovation for participants of summer schools, trainings and workshops. Furthermore, the research institute hosts interns from developing countries every year which helps to improve our agricultural innovation planning methods.

Since Discovery R&D Center is a dedicated actor in the development of a multidisciplinary network within agriculture, it has an extensive expert and partner network containing Central and Western European universities, research institutes and companies. During the years of its operation, the company has been deliberately extending its knowledge base in order to foster the EIP-Agri community within the CEE region.

Our mission

The company was established with the aim to strengthen the presence of Central and Eastern Europe within European projects by forming a research network. Discovery R&D Center also intends to further become the catalyst of research projects in the Visegrad Countries.

Our value proposition includes knowledge transfer, incubation and support of new ideas or ventures, aspiration for technological innovations and flexibility in responding to all possible situations on the market, by the analogy of a start-up company.

Latest News


EIP-AGRI Workshop: Innovation in the supply chain: creating value together

The EIP-AGRI workshop ‘Innovation in the supply chain: creating value together’ took place on 6-7 February 2018 in Lyon, France.... Read More →

Soil moisture content management as a tool for climate change mitigation

Discovery R&D Center is participating in SOMOCO-V4WB (Soil moisture content management as a tool for climate change mitigation in WB... Read More →

Our methods

  • Situation analysis
  • Soil analysis
  • Measures and indicator system design
  • Survey research development / analysis
  • Recording. processing and mapping georeferenced data
  • Thematic maps and spatial analyses
  • Research project construction
  • Software development
  • Innovation management
  • Curriculum development
  • Rural development
  • Cartography
  • Soil management plan
  • Adult and farmer education (lecturing / training)
  • Knowledge and innovation transfer
  • Research reports
  • Research reviews
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